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About us

Times have changed and with them the way how we see the world, our homes are not exempt to these changes, optimize existing spaces, integrate and merge with the natural part and conservation do today that home designs and / or renovations are more demanding and complex. In TEICON GROUP we face this challenge using the most advanced methods and tools to achieve that goal.

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals work together to achieve efficient projects in execution and delivery times, finishes, tied to the needs of our clients designs.

Advantages of working with us?

  • Optimize construction costs and thus substantially decrease the cost of your project.
  • Have peace of mind that your project is executed properly trained and certified personnel by local and state authorities.
  • Guarantee that the materials and equipment used are properly approved and up to date accordingly with the current regulations.
  • The high end finishes guarantee.
  • You get the best price / value in every project.

  • Excellent fast-sale customer service.

Corporate Mission:

To meeting the needs of our clients to implement their projects flawlessly and optimizing existing resources, to achieve high-quality results at the best possible price.

Corporate Vision:

To reach recognition in our market as a high level services provider with innovative solutions, that improves life quality of people and enterprise competitiveness.

Building Inspiring Spaces

We’ve built a reputation in the market through years of delivering quality services, on time, with competitive pricing.


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